Strengthening Services

Dates for 2013-2014 to be announced in this Fall!

Grassroots community and faith-based groups like yours are critical to revitalizing our Greater Cleveland neighborhoods and neighbors – offering doorways to civic participation from urban gardening and computer skills training to food pantries and street fairs and serving youth through seniors. Strengthening Services is a series of workshops designed specifically for your sized group and will connect you with available resources to be more efficient, effective and impactful as you work with your community. Join us for one, some, or all of the following sessions! Pick and choose what best meets your needs! Bring your neighbors, Board members, or staff members!


Session Descriptions


Fundraising 101 for Community Programs - A good fundraising plan should include several sources of funding, be realistic, and incorporate clear goals. Whether you scratch it out on a napkin at lunch or detail it in a comprehensive spreadsheet, developing and implementing a fundraising plan will pay off. This workshop session will explore creating a plan that may include funding sources ranging from bake sales and car washes to drafting an annual appeal letter and approaching foundations.


Getting the Word Out: Marketing and Publicity -  There are many vehicles that can be used to market your group and publicize your programs. This workshop session will help you clarify who your multiple audiences are and will explore various options such as press releases, newsletters, and electronic media (Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, websites, and more) that can be used to reach your targeted audiences. Presenter: To be determined


Budgeting and Bookkeeping Basics for Community Programs  – An understanding of finances is critical to the stability and success of any group. This workshop session will address the basics of creating a budget, how to begin to set up financial books, and understanding financial statements and their relationship to your budget.


Working with Fiscal Sponsors – What is a fiscal sponsor? What is a 501(c)(3)? Do I need to form a 501(c)(3) or are there other structural options for community and faith-based groups that will allow them to raise money and function effectively? This workshop session will explore these questions and provide you with the knowledge needed to further explore what is the right structural option for your group.


Building Your Core Team -  Volunteers are the lifeblood of community and faith-based groups, providing extra hands, insights, and expertise. This workshop session will help you solidify and strengthen your ability to recruit, train, engage, and recognize your many volunteers.


Liability Basics for Community Programs – Every well-intentioned community program can get caught up in worst-case scenarios. How does a group protect itself from litigation? From organizational insurance to event liability, come learn the little steps to take to protect yourself and your organization before anything big happens.


Demystifying Outcome Measurement and Evaluation – This session will provide you with an understanding of how collecting and analyzing data about your group’s programs can not only improve your service to your clients but can also increase chances of finding successes. Attention will be paid to building evaluation capacity even when resources are few.


Planning Outstanding Community Events– In planning for an outstanding community event or fundraising event, nonprofit organizations should be responsive to community cultures and needs while at the same time solicit input from a variety of sources such as board, staff, volunteers, and community members. In this session you will learn how to plan an event that has clear goals, properly allocates staff, successfully recruits and utilizes volunteers, and remains within budget while matching the event to your organization’s mission and target audiences.


Developing Strong Boards and Advisory Boards – Strong Boards and Advisory Boards are the backbone of any organization. In this session you will learn how to develop a plan for analysis, recruitment, and engagement of an effective Board or Advisory Board that will help to further strengthen the foundation of your organization.


Sessions will held from 7pm to 9pm at Trinity Commons, 2230 Euclid Avenue.








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